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Big inventive ideas are more necessary now than ever for brands to capture the modern consumer’s attention. We build experiences, products and content that connect brands with their consumers.

We developed a recipe BOT that is specialized in getting you the right recipes for the right setting and time. 

Virtual Reality

Goose Island Beer strengthens it's heritage and product story with the help of a VR narrative at the Hop Harvest in Elk Mountain Idaho.

A.I Voice Amazon Alexa

A Stockholm Hotel is trialling a Chatbot Concierge. The Clarion Hotel Amaranten is working to usher in the future of the Hospitality Industry with a new and intelligent service. Read More.

Machine Learning

EdgeDNA announced today that the evolution of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning has arrived through the launch of Make Up For Ever’s new line of lipstick.


EdgeDNA Blog

Expanding the Aisles within CPG: Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, and subscription services such as Dollar Shave Club and Diapers.com. Read More

Native Advertising Adopts Messanger BOTs: With these advancements, advertisements will become much more diverse and complex, and in turn, highly personalized. Read More

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