Mixed Reality is set to redefine emerging technology marketing strategies.


Mixed and Augmented is the big shift and distribution of digital content and information. 

Mixed Reality utilizes a variety of sensors to place digital content into the customer's physical environment. 

With accurate room tracking, experiences can be created that fill a user's surroundings with virtual content, to the point where it looks and feels ‘real’. This enables creatives and marketers to devise entirely new brand experiences for users. 

In a sales setting, Mixed-Reality can be utilized to review products or initiatives prior to their launch. Virtual content can be shared and viewed by multiple users at once, fostering communication and open discussion between stakeholders both in-person and remotely.

In-store or at home, it allows brands to drive relevant info and present it to consumers alongside the product, rather than requiring users to consult a sales rep or use their cell phones. 

The Meta 2 Headse benefits from being able to use graphics-level GPUs to generate richer, more immersive content for users.

The Microsoft Hololens integrates a full Windows 10 computer into a custom headset; users interact with experiences via gaze, gesture, and voice recognition.

The new device called ODG R-9, are two of the first wearables powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. They're both capable of augmented and virtual reality overlays.


Moutain Dew

During the 2016 Holiday season, Mountain Dew was preparing to hold a keynote to assess their 2017 marketing campaigns. 

In this presentation, Mountain Dew sought to visualize their upcoming 2017 “Dew Tour” in an innovative way. This would aid the brand in gaining the support of key stakeholders, and cast them as technology pioneers within the PepsiCo brand umbrella. To achieve this, Mountain Dew recruited EdgeDNA to create the “presentation of the future” for delivery to the President of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi.


Sport Retail Brand X

EdgeDNA collaborated with a major Athletic Apparel manufacturer to create the “store of the future” experience. 

Focusing on footwear, several features were devised in order to reduce the friction users face when buying shoes online.

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