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Edge created a photorealistic Virtual Reality experience that was delivered simultaneously to multiple users during a corporate B2B presentation.

“Bloomberg TV Gets Sponsor To ‘Go’ Big On New Morning Show” / Variety Magazine

OBJECTIVE: Bloomberg TV’s financial news program has two primary show sets, the Studio and the “Green Room,” where anchors film news segments and chat with upcoming guests. Bloomberg wanted to renovate the Green Room, transforming it into an eye-catching opportunity for sponsorship by a major brand. Bloomberg approached HP Enterprise (HPE) to be official brand sponsor for the renovation, and brought in EdgeDNA as creative partner to ideate on ways to present the branded room concept to HPE.

Solution: Build the branded space in virtual reality, allowing HPE representatives to fully explore the space before signing off on the project. The pitch was a success, resulting in HPE sponsoring the space. The Green Room was completed three weeks later and can be seen on the Bloomberg program each morning. Throughout the Process, Edge used a “volumetric” approach to creating the green room, making the environment in a 3D modelling engine. Upon deployment to a Samsung Gear, every object, texture and material is rendered in real-time, resulting in a stunning experience. The result was delivered and deployed to multiple Samsung Gear VR headsets to be used for internal and external presentation of the project. 

Client: Bloomberg

Project: Virtual Reality

Deliverables: Virtual Reality Development, Application Development

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