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Edge partnered with Breckenridge Brewery to create a Virtual Reality story around the brewery, the brewmasters and the amazing nature in Breckenridge Colorado.

OBJECTIVE: Since the year 2000, Goose IPA has medaled six times at the Great American Beer Festival. It is already one of the most decorated IPA’s of all time, but the Goose Island brewers remain as passionate about their process as ever. They hand select the hops used in Goose IPA from their own fields at Elk Mountain Hop Farm in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, so the beer in your glass is always connected to the people that grew and harvested the source of its flavor. Our task is to tell this story in a uniquely compelling way utilizing new technology that brings consumers in to the heart of the Elk Mountain Farm experience. The distribution is being done via events and digital channels online.

Client: Breckenridge Brewery / InBev

Project: Virtual Reality

Deliverables: Virtual Reality Development, Application Development

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