We asked ourselves "How would it be if a social behaviour and culture could be connected". The idea of having connected items in a resturant or a bar environment. So that is what we built.

Objective: Create a wireless connected solution that can be used to track and measure results while being in a retail or resturant environment. By tracking data we can collect information that can be to improve the business, save cost and take out frictions with the end consumer. 

Solution: We sketched out a new type of solution that met the criterias in our business case. Thanks to our abillity to prototype, we printed out a couple of prototypes in our own custom built 3D printer with specs that would allow us to connect them via wirelss chips. We documented the process in a video that can be viewed below.

Client: Prototype

Project: Connected Coaster

Deliverables: Strategy, Schematics, Software Development, Hardware Prototyping, Application Development

Edge is working on the next generation interactive displayes for retail.

We have developed the worlds first voice controlled hotel concierge together with Choice Hotels and Amazon Alexa. 

EdgeDNA announced today the evolution of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning has arrived with the launch of Make Up For Ever’s new line of lipstick.

Edge + Unity, we are now certifided Unity partner for commercial use of the platform.