We developed a Vine influencer campaign that leveraged the power of micro-content to generate awareness and submissions to TripAdvisor’s commercial contest.

Objective: TripAdvisor’s “Don’t Just Visit” campaign was created to illustrate how the travel experience is both more efficient and enjoyable when using TripAdvisor to book hotels, flights, and everything in between. Our assignment was to come up with a program that would bring awareness to this already existing campaign, leverage people outside of the already existing TripAdvisor Community, and increase the number of qualified submissions for their corresponding “Don’t Just Visit” TV Commercial Contest.

Client: Tripadvisor

Project: #MyTripadvice

Deliverables: Ideation Strategy, Community Management, Micro Content, Creative Concept

Strategy & Process: TripAdvisor already had their own TV commercials that showed how much better the travel experience can be when people book their travel plans using TripAdvisor. EDGE created a Vine program that leveraged well known Viners to reach out to their communities in a fun and creative way to gain submissions for the TripAdvisor “Don’t Just Visit” TV Commercial Contest where aspiring filmmakers and creatives alike could recreate their own versions of the TV commercials for the chance the win $25,000 and have their commercial air nationally.

Solution & Result: over a 3 week period, 7 well known Viners from different genres were enlisted to create their own 6 second versions of the “Don’t Just Visit” commercials to engage people their audience, make people aware of the contest, and encourage submissions. Along with additional contest entries, the Vines generated millions of impressions and tens of thousands of engagements along with reusable branded content that TripAdvisor was able to use on their own social channels.